Common Core State Standards Resources

The goal of the Common Core Standards is to prepare students to be ready for college and career opportunities.
What does it mean to be Career & College-Ready?

Career & college-ready students possess the skills necessary to earn a self-sustaining wage and participate in postsecondary opportunities without remediation. This means that they:
  • Use technology and tools strategically in learning and communicating
  • Use argument and reasoning to do research, construct arguments, and critique the reasoning of others
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively with a variety of audiences
  • Solve problems, construct explanations and design solutions
From the Michigan Department of Education website

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) website contains web versions of the standards or PDF versions to download or print.
A general introduction to CCSS, with links to MDE's support documents, is on the MDE website. The MDE Q & A is at the bottom of their webpage.

Implementation resources

Implementation Audit.docx A set of questions to ask about awareness, alignment, classroom implementation and assessment related to the Common Core.
Action Planning Grid.doc A timetable for district implementation efforts.

Common Core Video Series - These videos illustrate the major shifts in how we teach Mathematics and English Language Arts, as detailed in the Common Core. There are also documents and powerpoints describing the major shifts.

The Teaching Channel includes interesting videos about implementing the Common Core. This video on using higher order questions in middle school English language arts class is especially interesting: Higher Order Questions: A Path to Deeper Learning - Grades 6-8 Resources mentioned in this video:
Costa's levels of inquiry
Verbs and question stems for higher order thinking associated with Bloom's Taxonomy
Frayer Model
Mathematics Textbook adoption criteria

Common core pre-designed Mathematics unit plans
MAISA CCSS Units: designed by Michigan educators and administrators
Engage NY CCSS Units: Very detailed lesson plans included as well!
Georgia CCSS Units

important articles regarding shift to the ccss
From Common Core Standards to Curriculum: Five Big Ideas - Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins
Moving Forward With the Common Core.doc - Sarah Fine, published online in EducationWeek 10/14/10
Implementing the Common Core State Standards.pdf - Willard Daggatt
Beyond Business as Usual - David T. Conley, University of Oregon
Becoming Internationally Competitive - Linda Darling Hammond (Video 08:45)

February 20, 2013 Update session: Main powerpoint
February 20, 2013 Mathematics powerpoint
February 20, 2013 English Language Arts powerpoint

December 11, 2012 ACT and Common Core - Amy Kilbridge and Theron Blakeslee

November 14, 2012 Update session: Main powerpoint

21st century skills

Partnership for 21st Century Skills - a national effort to integrate 21st Century Skills into all classrooms
National Technology Plan in support of 21st century learning through the Common Core State Standards